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Entity Identity Entity Identity Entity Identity
Photo: © 2006 Ashley Starkey

Entity Identity

The intention of the work is to reflect the relationship of non-indigenous Australians adapting to the harsh, dry conditions of outback Australia while trying to merge with the spirit of the land. From earlier times of the pioneers creating new homesteads and lives, to modern day workers of the land confronting climate change, the challenge continues.

The two abstracted figures are covered with layers of weathered corrugated iron. The use of iconographic roof material in this land of extremes suggests the dichotomy of protection and vulnerability. The landscape transends and passes through the individual yet mirrors the interconnectedness of all life.

Medium - steel / corrugated iron / rivets
Size - (male) 185cm X 65cm X 25cm, (female) 165cm X 60cm X 25cm
Price - AU$2500 (2 elements)


Two But Not Two

Two But Not Two Two But Not Two

Medium - steel / corrugated iron / rivets
Size - 115cm X 100cm X 38cm
Price - AU$850



Continuum Continuum Continuum

Continuum Continuum

Medium - burned Jarrah / copper / photos / perspex / metal / acrylic paint
Size - 155cm X 55cm X 55cm
Price - AU$1700


Totem #1

Totem #2

Medium - Jarrah / Wedged-tail Eagle feathers / acrylic paint
Size - 70cm X 120cm X 10cm
Price - Sold


Totem #2

Totem #2

Medium - River Red Gum / feathers / acrylic paint
Size - 45cm X 35cm X 25cm
Price - AU$850


Mythical Lover

Mythical Lover Mythical Lover Mythical Lover Mythical Lover

Through the Portal connecting the mystical to the terrestrial, all things are possible. Imagination limits or expands.

Medium - Male & Female - Ghost Gum / varnish, Portal - Ghost Gum / copper / fluorescent paint
Size - Male - 85cm X 25cm X 30cm, Female - 70cm X 25cm X 17cm,
Portal - 70cm X 10cm X 5cm
Price - AU$500


The Dreaming

The Dreaming The Dreaming
Left photo: Museum Plein, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Medium - steel / paper pulp / acrylic paint / boomerang
Size - 170cm X 45cm X 30cm
Price - Not for sale


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